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GhostHouse: Live “Freeze”

GhostHouse is an electro funk band from Chicago, who is on a crash course with every dance party in the world. Freeze, is a single off their new project Deep V, this was a performance from their recent release partyaaa

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RoboToaster Hits Techweek 2013

RoboToaster Hits Techweek 2013 from RoboToaster on Vimeo. I was given the task to recap Techweek from RoboToaster’s perspective. Great, awesome, fantastic, what’s my deadline?! I have a better chance at becoming Vine famous then to give the Techweek experienceaaa

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Case Studies

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Scripture Clothing

Scripture Clothing is a Christian clothing company that is doing more. For the folks at Scripture, simply spreading the good word isn’t enough. Rather than being just another apparel company, Scripture donates 10% of each item sold to their Doaaa

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